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Musical chairs continue at Globe

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The folks at Boston Sports Media Watch had this a few days ago, but Adam Kilgore will be leaving the Globe for the Washington Post, where he’ll be the Nationals’ beat writer.

Here’s the analysis from BSMW, which warranted all of three grafs leading the Friday links:

The move is said to be a personal one, rather than a professional one, as Kilgore is taking a job with his former paper, and in a place where he has some personal ties which make the move a good fit for him.

This is a blow for the Globe, as Kilgore has always been a rock steady performer, taking intelligent, reasoned stands, and staying away from the muck-racking which is more and more prevalent in his profession these days.

Guess Kilgore is like athletes he covers: Winning doesn’t always matter most. If it did, no one would play for the Nationals (let alone cover them).

This move, of course, leaves the Globe short-handed on the NFL beat. Albert Breer’s been solid since he was picked up midstream in the Patriots’ 2009, but surely he won’t be expected to be a one-man band for what is arguably the region’s No. 1 team. (Hey, I said arguably, all right?)

My guesses on who’ll fill what job have been horrible, to date, so I won’t even try. I’ll just wait and see.

Written by Jack McCluskey

February 16, 2010 at 5:49 PM

Posted in Media

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